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Page Quality, Local & Ranking Changes Top List of 65 Latest Google Search Updates

Google’s most recent installment of their search quality highlights is out, listing more than 65 changes to the search algorithm from August and September.

Most are decidedly minor, a few stand out, and a couple major changes we know about seem to be missing entirely. Specifically, there is nary a word about the exact match domain update Google warned of on September 27. Why is this?

“These changes rolled out very recently, and their launch language was approved after the cutoff date where we were finalizing the blog post,” a Google spokesperson told Search Engine Watch. “We tweeted these changes and were also planning to include those launches in future updates.”

We know for certain a Panda update occured on September 27. We also know there was a Panda data refresh Sept. 18, though Google announced that one via Twitter.

Perhaps this September change entry applies to Panda: “#84394. [project ‘Page Quality’] This launch helped you find more high-quality content from trusted sources.”

Google has filed algorithm changes related to Panda and Penguin under the “Page Quality” project in the past, as they did in May of this year. It’s vague, but this entry may very well refer to the September 18th or 27th Panda update.

Keep in mind, Matt Cutts’ tweet from September 28 said the EMD update was “upcoming.” Some believe it happened September 27 or 28, though they could very well have mistaken it for Panda.

To my knowledge, there has been no official confirmation the EMD update came out at the time of Cutts’ tweet. We’ve asked Cutts for clarification and will update the post if we hear back. provides Domain registration services and Web hostings in India. Our comprehensive Domain search results allow you to register domain names and get free email accounts and privacy protect with every domain name purchase, Domain names by bFACTOR & web hosting by bFACTOR company offers Domain name registration in a variety range, web hosting by bFACTOR on Indian and US based servers, web design and website builder tools in cheapest rate.

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Search Engine Friendly Web Development

Duplicated Contents

Search engines don’t want the same content littering their results. It makes no sense for them to present the exact same page multiple times for the same query. Unfortunately most content management systems create multiple URLs for accessing the same content. Categories, tags, and search results all lead to the same content being found through multiple URLs.

You might want to block some of the URLs from being indexed though a robots.txt file, or through the use of the meta robots tag (use noindex, follow so links on the page can still be crawled) or use 301 (permanent) redirection to point the duplicate URLs to your URL of choice. If you allow search engines to decide which URL to index it may not be the one you prefer. The canonical attribute on link tags is another option to help search engines determine which URL is the one you want indexed

You also want to make sure that every page on your site has unique content. Many ecommerce sites will have very thin product information. For example one product might come in several different sizes and each size gets its own page. The content on those pages will likely be exactly the same with the exception of the different sizes. Search engines are not likely to rank all of those pages. They’ll choose one. Better would be to create a single page and allow for a choice of size on that page. If each size must have it’s own page rewrite some of the content to increase the percentage of uniqueness on each.

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  6. Software Testers     [1 year to 3 yr. experience with complete Testing Experience]
  7. Sales & Marketing   [1 year to 5 yr. experience with experience of Web Product Selling]


No. of Post=     2 to 5 in each department, above mentioned


Experience=    1 year to  5 Year (here, fresher are strictly not welcome)


Salary=            10,000/- to 40,000/- per month



Work Exposure: 

Dedicated & Laborious, Good Exposure of Core Programming, Designing in w3c- standards, CMS Development Expertise (Joomla/ WordPress …), CSS knowledge is must, Having the depth knowledge of Project Management for experienced persons, good exposure for Individual project handling, can take responsibility and perform the best in terms of result. Here, each person should have perform individually, no excuse about results.




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International Success Tips

   Business Meeting Gifts – Part 1

Preparing for a business meeting requires a working knowledge of the information to be discussed or presented, careful attention to all details on the printed material to be distributed, and perhaps a gift. This gift is a social gesture that may be expected in some countries, and could be considered a bribe in others. Knowing the gift guidelines for the country you’ll be visiting will help make your meeting a success.

Some multi-national companies and some governments have very strict policies regarding their employees accepting gifts. To avoid creating a problem, it’s imperative you learn the policies for the companies you do business with.

Countries like Malaysia and Paraguay, concerned with corruption, frown upon any gift that could be construed as a bribe. In Malaysia you wouldn’s give a gift until you had established a relationship with the person. In Singapore, government employees are not allowed to accept gifts, and the United States limits the acceptable dollar value to $25.

However, in some countries like Japan, Indonesia and the Philippines, exchanging gifts is strongly rooted in tradition. Part of the tradition is the gracious style used to present and receive them. It’s important to plan time and focus on the process.

It’s very important in Asia and the Middle East to only use your right hand, or both hands, to offer or accept a gift. In japan and Hong Kong, use both hands.

In Singapore a recipient may “graciously refuse three times” before accepting your gift. But in Chile, gifts are accepted and opened immediately. And in Indonesia, small gifts are given on a frequent basis.

Always be cognizant of religious laws when selecting gifts. For instance, pork is prohibited in the Jewish and Muslim religions, so you wouldn’s select a gift made from pigskin. As in India, don’t offer a gift made from cowhide. Another prohibition for the Muslim faith is alcohol.

A standard to keep in mind for any gift you select is quality. Choose quality items that are not ostentatious. If you have gifts with your company logo, it’s better if the logo is discreet. And don’t give company logo gifts in Greece, Spain and Portugal.

Hosting a meal at a nice restaurant is always a good business practice. A fine dinner is a wonderful way to give a “gift to your hosts”.

To show your guests you appreciate the business relationship you have with them, and an opportunity to build rapport. People in Brazil, England, Panama, and Peru enjoy being invited guests for a meal, and the Greeks look forward to an evening filled with dinning. In China, plan a banquet, especially if you are being honored with one.

Discussion on gift giving by region and country will be in subsequent parts, but following are some highlights to use.

If a country isn’t listed in a category, it means gifts may or may not be exchanged. Should you receive a gift, and don’t have one to offer in return, you will not create a crisis. However, this is a good reason for planning to host a meal. It becomes your reciprocal gesture.

Countries in which a gift is expected:

  • Europe -Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Ukraine
  • Latin American – Bolivia, Columbia, Cost Rica
  • Pacific Rim – China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea
  • Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand Countries in which a gift is not expected

on a subsequent visit:

  • Europe – Portugal, Spain
  • Latin American – Brazil, Chile, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama
  • Peru, Venezuela
  • Pacific Rim – Malaysia, Singapore
  • Scandinavia – Finland, Norway

Countries in which a gift is not expected, or gift are less frequent exchanged:

  • Africa
  • Australia
  • Europe – England, France, Hungary, Italy
  • Latin America – Uruguay
  • Scandinavia – Denmark
  • Middle East – Pakistan, Saudi Arabia
  • United States

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Feature List of Travel Portal

  • Features List of Travel Portal:
    Online booking of domestic & international Ticket for airways, trains and bus.
    Hotel booking.
    Tour packages.
    Payment gateway integration.
    SMS Gateway Incorporation.
    Set booking limits and mark ups for agents.
    Powerful back office module.
    Forex for updated rates of currencies.
    User Login and management system.
    Travel Agency or Agent Management.